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06 CRF270R kart jetting?

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ok, we are running a 2006 CRF250R with a 270 kit, Quick shot 3 accelerator pump, Fully Open clamp on K&N Pod Filter about 7 inches long, on a winged outlaw kart racing dirt oval. what jetting do yall recommend to start with at 500ft  above sea level and 90+ texas heat? we run it in the feature for 20 laps turning around 11,500 rpm and running 110 octane fuel. usually stay in 3rd or 4th gear the whole race letting out in the corners sometimes and rolling right back in it. thanks for any help, it has a FMF power up jet kit in it now with a 185 dynojet and it isn't running good, cutting out bad in high rpms, no top end power. borrowed a carb after races and hop lapped it and it ran great. the carb we borrowed was off of a 450 motor with no TPS hooked up.

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