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AHP 4 Speed Transmission No 1st OR Neutral Gears

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I just installed an AHP 4 speed transmission on my '08 crf70 while installing the TB 108 kit along with the TB HD clutch and a few other things. The bike runs great and everything seems to be fine other than the transmission. It will not go into 1st gear (which should be at the very bottom) and if I play around with the shifter for long enough I can sometimes get it to go into nuetral but it pops into 2nd gear really easily without even touching the shifter. I followed vidoes and diagrams of how the transmission should be installed and am 99% sure it was installed correctly. I have done a lot of searching and read that there have been quite a few issues with this transmission but nothing similar to the problem I am having. I also read that there was a bad batch of these transmissions distributed at some point but the issues that those had didn't seem to have any connection to the issues I face. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a little tired of roll starting it and only having 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. Thanks,



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