Paint match for Forks?

Guys what's a good spray paint match for front forks?

2000 XR70

Wheel Hubs too, want to change to the silver color (from black)


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I tried some high heat paint and although it looked pretty good, I don;t think it had any more durability than a regular enamel spray paint.  Its a little more expensive, but colorrite makes a pretty good paint that compares in quality to the paint they use for painting cars.  That may be better, but its also about 30 bucks a can.


Depending on your riding, i think a good auto spray paint from a parts store should work out. The real key to any painting, as you probably know, is solid prep work.  


Another option is selling those black hubs or trying to trade them for the later model silver ones.  they are the same and will fit right up to the older ones.  Although the 2000 was the first year they changed over from the black hubs to the silver ones, and changed the bikes color to red.  If its a white bike with black hubs, then its a 99 or older (assuming by your profile pic).  Either way, the parts swap out pretty easy.

Assuming the swingarm paint is close to the hub color, I found a pretty good match at Home Depot, believe it or not.  I think it was a Rustoleum product and it was a silver metallic paint. I can't go out and compare the swingarm and hub colors at the moment as I've loaned out the bike.


The bikes do have color codes and you might be able to find paint to match online.  If you like the frame color of a certain year, grab the color code and search for it online.

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