Won't idle? 96 yz250

So I got this bike a couple days ago and I went in the engine to fix an oil seal. I took the chance to overlook and clean some things and replaced the gaskets as needed. Everything seemed well. I took the jets out and cleaned the carb with carb/choke cleaner. When I fired it up it took a long time of kicking to get it to fire, and when it did I let it warm up a minute or to. As soon as I let the throttle go it falls on its face and stalls. From what I heard the idle screw is not a screw but the choke/plunger. So I turned it up and It had no effect what so ever. Any suggestions on what this could be or what I should do to solve? I wanted to get a carb rebuild kit for it and see if some items were wore (I think is the problem) but I had no luck finding one!? Possibly cracked reads? Let me know what you think guys, thanks

And also if I could ask, is it possible to increase power by bigger jets, or reeds? What should I get if I replace these? Recommendations and reasoning behind it would be greatly appreciated!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1378176291.326868.jpg

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