Oil pump to side case question

So I am having oil pressure issues. I rebuilt the top amd bottom end with the help of a good friend. My question is this. To me it looks like the oil pump where it pushes oil into tje side cover has a spot for a sleeve. I don't remember if there was one there or not. Is it just an o ring inbetween the cover and pump or is there a little metal sleeve? I also need to find the right size o ring for it.this is hopefully the last piece to the puzzle.

There is a sleeve and o-ring.  Can't suggest part numbers don't know what your steed is.

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Everyone loves pictures  :rolleyes:



Ah crap. Guess I need to order them lil fellas.

This here?



These are the sizes that fit. The right ones a bit thicker but still squeezes in there. Left ones good.

My old oring is still in the side cover and is super thin and metallic looking.


The "holder" is only a few bucks at honda... but a generic metric oring kit like this was less than 10 bucks at oreillys auto parts.


I found this pic, but you said pump to cover, this is behind the pump.

Pump to case


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