New crf250x

I recently purchased a 2005 crf250x. As far as I know it has low hours, and has been maintained. Very clean bike. I bought it from a dealer who didn't know much about what the previous own had done to the bike besides the obvious stuff. Its got a rekluse clutch which has been great. And a Leo Vince full exhaust system. I'm sure petty sure it has been rejetted but not sure to what. So far it runs great but I know these bikes are prone to valve issues. Is there anything I need to watch out for? I bought it under the influence its a low hour bike but for a 05? How??? Apparently the guy put it together for his wife and she didnt ride it. But how many times have we all heard that. I haven't had any issues yet but any advice on this bike would be greatly appreciated as I have no experience with Hondas.

Maintenance is your friend with a CRF250X. Make sure you keep the air filter clean, change the engine and gearbon oil regularly and don't ride it on the rev limiter. If you are worried about the valves, it is an easy job to check the clearance every 10 or so hours. The user manual details the process for you.


Check your valves before the next time you ride. If you let things get bad it will cost you more money. When your valves do go, talk to Brent at fast heads and he will get your head troubles taken care of.

Thanks guys for all the feedback! Its helped out alot!

What do you guys recommend for an air filter?

You mean in terms of brand or cleaning? Twin Air or Uni will be decent filter brands. In terms of oiling and cleaning them, have a look at the No Toil range of oil and cleaners

I like the no toil oil and cleaner, works well.

I have some Twin Air Power Flow air filters but use No Toil cleaner and oil on them.  So easy to clean and it all goes right down the drain.  Fast,easy, and mess free!

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