2011 aprilia rx 125 2t?

i got a good deel on an allmost new 2011 model and before i deside to buy it i need to know if its a relaiable bike or not, from what i understand the treetments are not per engine hours...its per riding miles.

i want it only for off-road enduro riding, will i enjoy from this bike?

I own an Aprilia MX 125 supermoto, on the road around the city its great its acceleration is awesome however off road i cant imagine it being any good at all. Aprilia 2 strokes like all two strokes require a lot of maintenance. If you want a 2 stroke 125 specifically for off roading get a KTM 125 EXC, these things are awesome and are built for off roading and jumps etc The aprilia RX is more made too look like an off road bike, it would be fine on dusty gravel tracks with the odd rut or something but personally i wouldnt buy it as an out an out off roader it just wont be able to handle the abuse. But anyway thats just my opinion and advice on the matter. Another option for you could be a 125 4 stroke like a honda or something. Ok the power of two stroke isn't there but at least reliability is there and those 4 stroke hondas pull their way through anything and can take a serious amount of abuse for what they are. May i ask why you want a 125? Anyway just so you know its not lies heres a pic of my Aprilia Supermoto 




Hope ive helped a bit or given you something to think about!

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