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250 linkage on 13/14 450?

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I was speaking to a guy at the weekend that mentioned a friend of his using a 250f linkage, or arm, on a 2013 450 to lower the rear. He stated it was a cheap and worthwhile mod. I know little about the 250 or 450 linkage systems. Does anybody have any data/insight in to them?

Maybe if somebody owns a 2010+ 250 and a 13 450 they could take some link arm measurements? Centre lengths?

I have seen it mentioned on here several times about lowering the rear of the 450, either by linkage, or shock


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Ok, a bit if research shows that stock 13/14 is 143 long, and PC link is 144.

Oem 450 09/11 and 250 10/11 (not sure about 12/13) is 144 also so it makes sense about using the oem arm.

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