2000 honda xr250r VS 2005 te250 husky

hi guys this is my first post here i have been doing a lot of searching here for various answers and this place has been great help.i currently own a 2000 model xr250 that i was looking to rego and get my license but i have recently come across a 2005 te250 husky that i would also be looking to register.i paid $1500 for my xr250 and i can buy the te250 for $2000 it has 80hrs on it i am wondering how the te250 would compare to the xr250 i am pretty sick of the xr being hard to start and the electric start on the husky would be nice but will it be worth while?i dont know much about the husky and would be great to get some feedback from you guys thanks heaps

The Husky will be more high performance compared to the XR, as it is a mild mannered trail bike.  Check over at Cafe Husky.  That is where most of the Husky knowledge can be found.  A lot of good information over there.   :ride:

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