What is needed to convert to big base valve showa's on 01 CR?

I want to know what is needed to swap my small base valve forks for some of the big base valve showas, are the triple clamps the same? what about front wheel and brakes? what years will work and when did Honda start using the 30mm base valve?

No idea on the conversion but the larger base valve was added in 03.

Im pretty sure the forks off the newer bikes will fit the older ones (00-01) but you might have to get the lugs changed for the brakes to work..or put the newer front brake on your 01


the front wheel will work, my old 01 front wheel assembly is on my buddys cr125 ...

I'm pretty sure the 03+  forks will work with your triple clamps.  Be aware of the years when caliper braket change, when the front axle offset got reduced, and when the fork overall length got reduced.

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