Trail Tech Vapour

Has anyone got a Vapour on there XR400 think its an awesome unit though I cant seem to get my to read correctly, im getting to higher readlng like around 4-5000 rpm at idle, im getting a jumpy reading its fairly steady, I tried soldering straight into the coil wire, but it was the same I have about 10 or more wraps around the coil lead to the plug and taped it up, what have other people done, was thinking wraping the wire with aluminium foil?


Also what sort of Temp is the correct running temp and what do you set it for High Temp




I had problems with a Vapor on a XR200, the problem is dirty electrical power overwhelms the Vapor electronics, couple of things:

Try with no bike power.


Connect the Vapor ground to the bike's ground point on the frame.


Don't know if your alternator is one wire out or two wires out but try connecting directly to the alternator output.  If two wire output try to ground one wire to the frame and connect the Vapor to the other. Switch wires.

If you have a factory regulator the system should be grounded correctly. 


Reduce the plug wire wraps to 5.


Call Trail Tech


Let us know what works.

have the TT speedometer/hour meter (dedicated meter) and I wrapped about 7-8 times and taped it with electrical tape. Works really well. 


Just make sure that the coils of the TT wire are relatively close to each other (around 1/3 of an inch or even closer) and in uniform spacing. 

I'm running electric start so have a battery and wired it directly to the battery, have tried several different earth positions, my wraps are all tightly wound and touching each other, atm I have them covered with electrical tape, but also have tried sliding the cover on the plug wired down over them,

I had contacted TT they where great and gave me a few suggestions, which unfortunately didn't work, so thought I would ask on here, but will shoot them another email,

I am also running all the TRX400EX wiring but didn't think that should make a difference, also my tacho is a single wire and double wire, TT said they used the power earth now for the tacho earth,


What sort of temps are you guys running?

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