trouble starting

Hey fellas, I recently brought a 1999 wr400 nice looking bike good bike to ride my first thumper can some one tell me an easy way to start it please cheerz

Theres how many views and not one could tell me how to start an easy way

Assuming it is in working order. And not dead cold.

Move kick start slowly until it gets tight.

Pull and hold decomp lever ( near clutch lever)

Move kickstart 1 inch more.

Now let go of decomp and let kickstart go back up to top.

Now it is just past Top dead center.

Kick it HARD and don't touch throttle.


From cold use choke and turn throttle once before using the above routine.

Easy once you do it right.

Look up starting a dr650s on YouTube. I tried it and it. Works like a charm.

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