Best basic maintenance schedule for 450f

Hey guys I have an 03 yz450f and was wondering what all you guys do for maintenance. I know you should change the oil every 5 hours and lube the chain but what else is there? What does everyone do to keep their bike in great shape and long lasting?

I use full synthetic Amsoil MCF and change it every 8-10 hours. I have a Scotts SS oil filter and clean it every couple of oil changes. Clean air filter every ride. Lube chain every ride. Install a new timing chain every 50 hours (and check the valve clearance while I'm in there). Lube cables as necessary. Clean and re-grease rear suspension bearings and steering head bearings twice a year. I change out my fork oil, seals, and bushings about once a year. I send the shock to my suspension guy about once a year.

I have over 300 hours on my '08 without one single problem. Put in a new piston & rings at 200 hours just to freshen it up.

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