2003 rm250 what motor's will fit

Hey I have a nice 2003 rm250 rolling chasis.  All I need is a complete motor.  I have pipe, carb, everything but motor.  What all years motors can I use?  I am thinking 03-06 will work, but not sure if the other years will plug right into my CDI and work correctly.  The bike was an AMA bike, and has tabs welded for skid plates, and some nice RG3 suspension, so I'm hoping to just find a nice complete motor to drop in it.

Got a 2005 motor with super low hours and a new piston I just put up for sale.  Can sell with or without the Rekluse EXP that's in it now (1 ride on it also like the piston).  The clutch basket and reeds are original and show no wear if that tells you anything.

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