DR350 Rocker Shafts

Hey there i have a 1994 dr350se which i recently messed up pretty hard by oil starving the head. I took apart a valve cover from a dirt model and put the rockers onto my SE. The rocker arm shafts are different for the exaust and intake side and i'm not sure which is which. I have two hollow shafts that have two holes in their sides, and i have two shafts that are solid besides for the threaded hole on the end for removal. Does anyone know which goes where? I can post pictures later. Thanks for any help. 

If I remember right the shafts have oil way holes in them which only line up to the correct rockers. I can't remember what they looked like but I'm sure that's how I figured it out after mine had been sat in a box for a month.

I have 4 shafts, 2 of each type, one has two oil holes(seems like it can line up with either shaft) the other is solid and has no oil holes. Im assuming the solid one is going on the exhaust side but i am not sure. I was hoping someone would have a spare sitting around to check on. 

It looks like im not getting oil to the cam journal away from the cam chain, but im using the hollow shaft on the end with the oil passage. It seems like i have no pressure to the head. Where does this passage go and is there any way i can blow air through it to check if its clogged?    How to i attach images to my posts BTW?

Also, would there be a problem with using a manual decomp head with electric start? Can you put an auto decomp cam in a manual decomp head?

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