Valve job questions

Hi I have an 04 rmz250 I am going to be doing a top end on and from searching on here I'm still left with a few questions. I am going to be getting the kibblewhite spring kit and want to know if I should get kibblewhite valves or if any ss valve will be ok. If there will be longevity or performance increase with kibblewhite I will opt for those. Also going to be getting new valve guides but my main question is I'm wondering if getting the valve seats cut to the new valves is necessary. I can't see to find any post that says that I absolutely need to do this or it's highly recommended. I'm not trying to make the bike a race machine or anything just want the bike to start and run good. Any input is appreciated

If you go SS you have to get SS springs and Ti keepers and definitely seat cut no lapping.

If you go kibblewhite you must go kibblewhite guides too.

Find a good machinist and get a port and polish andcseats cut for about two hundred. Get him to do the guides and seals too. Look up mxtime. They do good work. You wanna keep that 04s valve train perfect or youll be back in too soon

Ok thanks ill check them out

So checked out mxtime and will be sending to them shortly. As far as valves go what are decent brands. Don't wanna be throwing crappy parts at a repair that is this pricey. I have found a great deal on OEM parts (valves,guides,seals,keepers, springs, and retainers) for 340. Going kibblewhite will be about the same. Are faction and pro-x junk?

hey dude, i did my valves about a year and a half ago , i bought zoom factory valves beacuse they were the cheapest i could find , i wasnt sure how they would do but they have lasted quite well , i have about 100 hours on them, i ride about an hour and half most weekends . you only have to re-seat the valve seats if they are worn and the valves do not sit in them right so you should check that out. you should also check your cam chain for wear and tear , they are only cheap to replace but if they break and damage your engine can cause a whole lot more money. 

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