New owner/used bike with questions

Alright everyone I just bought a used 94 xr650l that ran ok when I bought it but its been running ok periodically for the last few weeks. I bought the IMS smog block off kit and am thinking of removing the snorkel while I have it torn apart. My question is what jetting should be used on a smog less bike, no snorkel and a slip on Supertrapp muffler? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Start with a 155 main and either a 52 or 55 pilot.......alot of guys are finding any richer than that causes a black plug and wasted fuel..


Shim the needle and drill the slide per Daves a search for Daves Mods for instructions...



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I installed the IMS Baja kit tonight and now have a new problem. If I give it anymore than a quarter to half throttle it starts to sputter. It also is hard to start. It will sputter after 10 to 20 seconds of constantly pushing the start button then eventually start. it will idle ok but not the best. With the IMS kit did I need to re-jet the carb? I was hoping to wait and do that after I removed the snorkel and a few other mods. Let me know because I'm beginning to really regret the purchase of this bike. I'd like to ride it more than look at it sitting in the garage. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

Alright everyone I spent the morning rebuilding the carb and performing the Dave's mods tricks after I installed the smog delete kit and ohhhhbhh man what a difference! My bike as it sits has a Supertrapp slip on, snorkel delete, Dave's mods on the carb with 155 & 55 jets installed & IMS smog delete kit. The throttle response is incredible and the lower end power that didn't exist before is great. If any of you have a XR650 you NEED to make these mods. For less than $50 bucks you will more than glad you did these mods. Youtube has great videos on the IMS kit and there are great online instructions for the Dave's mods tricks and all can be done in less than 2 hours if you have the skills and a basic set of tools. Now I just hope my stalling issue doesn't come back.

Your absolutely correct...Daves and proper jetting ....your set...what air filter are you running?

Right now I'm running a k&n filter but have seen that some think that's not such a good idea so I might be switching to a foam filter. Not sure though as I haven't done enough research yet.

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