Stator - How do I know?

There's an add on craigslist of a 1999 Cr125 for $400 and the guy says it needs a stator. What would be an indication of the stator being the only problem? I don't know much about the electrical side of dirt bikes so I don't know what would be bad with that part. I'd hate to get it and it end up needing everything electrical replaced.

If he knows it's a stator, why doesn't he buy a replacement and sell a working bike for $1000?


Odds are that he's clueless about what's wrong and he's tired of throwing parts at it.


Basic troubleshooting and of course the CR 2-stroke forums will be able to help you.  But, you'll have to buy it as a potential money pit. 

As a side note, if you don't want it, post the link!!  I'm good at troubleshooting things like that and my daughter is looking for a 125. :D

The electrical system on the cr125 is very simple. You have the stator, the CDI ( aka the ignition control unit) and then the ignition coil. Disconnecting the engine kill switch on the handlebar will rule out the possibility that the kill switch is grounding and cutting the ignition. You can check the resistance on the stator and ignition coil. If the resistances test higher or lower then the range specified by the factory service manual, they should be replaced.

You cannot check the resistance values for the CDI so if both the coil and stator check out ok, there is a possibility that the CDI needs to be replaced.

Now, a stator can check out ok but still can be bad. :) that's the only problem with checking stator resistance.

Replacing a stator is very easy! You will need a timing light to double check that the timing is correct.

For 400 dollars, the bike is a great buy. You should be able to find a used replacement part (whatever it may be) for pretty cheap and have a running bike for a good price.

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