Ron Hamp Ported Head + Hi comp Piston CRF 450R 2013 Report

Hi guys,


I m writing from Chile..................last weekend I rode my CRF 450R 2013 with Ron Hamp Ported Head + CP Hi comp piston.


I added this mods to my original set up that includes Tokyo mods map (for open exhaust) + FMF complete exhaust (dual) + Twin Air Power flow kit (no screen).


I m about to report the performance gains of my bike with the addition of the Ron Hamp Ported Head and Hi comp piston.


Ride Report

The bike is running awesome!!!!

•           There is plenty of low-end power

•           Midrange is well improved

•           Easy to ride powerband

•           I improved my lap time by 5% (average speed, measure with a garmin and compare with my prior personal best)

•           The power delivery gives me confidence to open the throttle

•           No abrupt sudden power hits

•           I can use a higher gear in tight corners (3rd)

•           I can hold 2nd gear longer than before

So, I m pretty happy with the way my motor runs right now.

The track was a sandy tight track, so there was no room to test top-end power……but when I hold 2nd gear pinned corner to corner I can feel the bike revving free.


In a few days I will add a Ron Hamp cam to my package, I will let you know the evolution of the motor.


I just want to say that I m pretty happy with the setup, the power comes in a friendly and strong way, Ron gave me a very good service, he answered all my dummy questions and supported the whole process of installing the new head.


As summary, I just get a big smile in my face everytime I exit a corner and open the throttle.


Keep riding!!!.


Peak Power.

Welcome to the club!  Braaap.

hamp setups have alot of fans.


Cant wait to hear how you like the cam

I hope to make an RHC fan from a very large motorcycle company i have made it in now my heads have to perform and the riders have to also like them .Im happy @ this point that a very small companys work has done well enough that a factory team is even considering my work.

I hope to make an RHC fan from a very large motorcycle company i have made it in now my heads have to perform and the riders have to also like them .Im happy @ this point that a very small companys work has done well enough that a factory team is even considering my work.

Ron i have the 07 and the 13 sitting in my garage. Any way to make my 13 as brutal and have same delivery as my 07?? Hoping just head mods and porting w stock piston on pump gas will do this. Not seeing too much diff w a remap

Ron - I'm gonna have to become a member of the club if I keep hearing how good your motor mods are... 

Keep up the good work.

The 2013 is always going to feel smoother than the carbed bikes like the 07 even with the engine mods.

I ve riding this same set up and every time I ride my bike I like it even more..........there is power everywhere......makes my ride easier............I m not a super fast rider and this motor was my solution to some technical parts of the track, now I have the speed and confidence to clear some jumps that I couldn't in the past....................power is so smooth (confidence) but strong (speed) on the same time.

This weekend I m going to the dunes, so I will test top end power big time.

When I get the cam from Ron I will let you know my impressions.

Keep riding!!!

Well, Here I go, Last Saturday I was able to ride my bike with the addition of the Ron Hamp Cam.


My current mods are:


+ Ron Hamp head porting

+ Hi comp CP piston

+ Tokyo mods map

+ FMF dual exhaust with megabomb header

+ twin air air filter cage (no screen)


With all this mods the bike was running awesome, plenty of power everywhere, power comes strong but control, throttle control is awesome, no sudden power hits, strong and easy to ride powerband.


With the addition of the Ron Hamp Cam, the makes behave the same but in a even strong manner, still easy to use power, but it comes even more strong..........its difficult to explain, I can feel more power but at the same time I m able to control it............................................I can clear jump coming from a tight corner more easy than before................I can pick much more speed before entering a whoops section in my local track...........................this motor just drives you forward like and electric power plant.


With the cam I can use 2nd pinned corner to corner, motor pull very linear all the way to redline or I can use 3rd gear because the power is always there.


The only down side of the cam versus the stock cam is that you need a bit more leg power in order to start the engine, still starts easy but the stock cam is easier.


This is not a top end monster motor, .................dont get my wrong top end power is pretty improved over stock.....................but the special thing about this setup is that is super fast and easy to ride powerband, I can´t be more happy with the way my motor many thanks for Ron, this setup is helping me alot in my riding, it is a confidence inspiring power delivery.


Hope you understand my report, regards!!.



The motor still should pull very hard on top, your mapping may be off if you're not getting that. There's about 60hp or so worth of power on top. I would try a properly reburned stock ECU and see if you like it! You'll like it even more!!!

And it should not be noticeably harder to kickstart with that camshaft. The new cam can have very tight tolerancing on the decompression shaft hole, so the shaft could bind up and influence the impact of the mechanism while kicking. Be sure the weight/shaft rotates freely without bind anywhere, and be sure you installed the bearing onto the shaft correctly, and the decompression system, and its spring, correctly.

I knew you'd love it!!!

Edited by Eddie8v

As I said top end power is well improved over stock, my local track is a tight track so there is no much room to test top end power................but Eddie you are right, with a fine tune in the ECU there must be even more power.


By now I really like the ways my bike runs, its a dreamed powerband.


Regarding the starting issue is not that bad, but it takes a little more efford, you can still start at first kick but it need to be a good one..........I will check the instalation.

Now you'll never be able to ride with a stock motor, again! Welcome to the club!!!

this is actually a new cam made for people wanting to run a stock piston or up to 13-1 I changed the center lines a bit to build a bit more bottom  it may even be a better sx cam as I know dealing with some pros they like a way stronger hit and do not want or need the 60 +hp on top as it can wear them out sooner. im glad you like it


Edited by Eddie8v

one thing that always helps starting is to roll the engine just past compression stroke when your doing your final kick

Hi guys, I just want to share with you that last weekend I installed a new map especially made for my motor setup (Hamp CNC Porting, Hi Comp Piston, Hamp Cam, FMF full twin exhaust, twin air air cage), supplied by Ron Hamp.


All I can say that its a magic motor, with the new map it pulls harder everwhere, bottom, mid and top.......its a magic powerband...........hard to explain but there is plenty off power everywhere but delivered in a sweet you a big confidence when you ride the bike.


Prior the map by motor was perferct, with the new map it is just incredible................everytime I roll the throttle there is a big smile in my face.


Big thanks to Ron.



That's all good to hear I just finished the map for the 2014 package

Is his map the same one you gave me for my 2013, or has it updated and made even better?

Is his map the same one you gave me for my 2013, or has it updated and made even better?

Its the same one I gave to you it is one that I developed on a 2013 bike to be ridden on the ice before we installed the vortex ecu. I quess its all the same I was testing the new 2014 Yamaha on the dyno and remapping with the Yamaha tuner we went to the track after and played with the settings and ended up back to where we were @ on the dyno im ether realy lucky or I have something going on .LOL

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