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Washington OTBG's Eddieville GP Sept. 8th.

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  Getting ready for the Sunday GP this weekend. There will be notable changes to the GP course this weekend. 


We've mowed around 1 mile of new grass track in two different areas.


  The log section is weed free and revealing the changes to the stacks and the options formerly covered by the weeds.  Weeds burnt off in the fire.


  Took the mower around most of the existing GP course to chop the weeds up and re-establish the width.


  Junior C's will run on a grass track cut out to the north of the parking area. Junior A & B will start out on the mx start area, run some of the MX and some of the GP course.

 Sunday's schedule is :


 Rider's meeting at 9:30.


Junior A's, Junior B's, and Junior C's at 10:00. 30 minutes plus one lap


 30D, 40F,50R, 50Y, 60Q, 70 class, women, Sportsman, Junior X  start at 11 ish.  1 1/2 hrs plus one lap.

 AA, openX,30U,40V, 200Z, openA, 200E  will race at 1 ish.  1 1/2 hrs plus one lap.


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