Mint! 04 Yz250 for 1500!

my buddys selling the bike..Might sell my 96 cr250 and buy it....Should I?

I would say go for it, it's a newer year bike and Yamaha 2 strokes are bullet proof when taken care by the right person. Check the basics of the bike unless it's a close enough friend that you already know some of its history and stuff. But yes go for it. Unless ur Cr is in better shape

Sounds like a good price for the bike.... But I would rather save up money from some other manner to get it.  I wouldn't get rid of the 96 CR for it.  

Thats my plan now..I just got a little overwhelmed with my parts list on the cr!

If your buying the yz make sure you check the rear shock absorber is fully functional and has no leaks. I just bought one last week and made the stupid mistake of not checking it properly so I am sinking £120 on a rebuild and service.

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