Another sneek peak LED Race light

  Here is a new LED race light that we have been working on. I feel its a game changer

  Its good for speeds well over 100 MPH and is dimmable for those dusty sections.

   Built from 6061 T6 Alu tubing, it will withstand a hard crash yet weighs less than a 8" hid race light.

 The main advantage of this over the HID is reliability, a lower Kelvin color, smoother light patterns with no hot spots or sharp edges, the fact that you can dim it makes seeing in dust much easier..

The ability to set the two lights at different points in the horizon helps a ton with usable light. This is the best preforming off road light I have ever ridden with.

 We have red, blue and Amber covers available


 We should have production rolling within a week.




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How about a picture? Is this on the website?

How about a picture? Is this on the website?

Sorry I had some issues with the post, should be showing a photo now.We will get it on the website soon. need to get the production version mounted on a little more modern bike. although I do love the shop mule 525, its been threw hell and back many times.

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