MCCCT trail ride out of Lake City Mi. 9/9


Anyone intersted in doing an adventure ride next week? I'm going up by myself and would really like other riders if possible. I was thinking 3 or 4 days camping along the way of Hoteling it if the weather gets nasty. I open to riding 9/16 if that works better, just let me know.


I ride an 07 WR450F with some slight upgrades for the purpose of doing the longer runs like Baha tank, rear rack, 140mm rear tire and I made it street legal so I can ride everywhere.



Any takers wold be great. Please email me if you are interested.




Kind Regards,



Damn this sounds tempting...

I didnt end up going up and riding BECAUSE when I got up Friday morning to leave I could not find my wallet which I lost at home the night before. I looked in places you wouldnt believe so today I'm goingto SOS and getting my temporary and getting a new debit card and order a new credit card so now the plan is leaving this Thrusday or Friday and riding for 3 or 4 days. I have a place in Lake George, 30 travel trailer if anyone wanys to ride any of those days (Friday - Tuesday) of next week. I'm really trying to avoid doing it on my own.


Email me or respond to the reply if you are intersested.






Man this sounds tempting as hell but I'm not sure what's wrong with my bike... I think its the valvles.. I might mot be able to get it done by then though.

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