Washougal Wkend Practice




nephew is coming for late summer break and wants to ride weekend practice at Washougal.  There seems to be some Open Practices left.  How crowded?  Camping?  How do they run those practice laps?





I only hit Washougal practice a few times a year but they have always been PACKED. They run 6 or 7 groups at 15 minutes each, so if you run one group there will be a long wait between sessions. You can sign up for more than one group but that costs extra obviously. This year they started running a limited practice which is 4 groups (big bike fast, big bike slow, 35+, and kids) at 15 minutes each with a max of 75 riders total. It costs $40 and you have to sign up in advance. I did the one a couple weeks ago and it was sweet, there were only about 20 people in my group.

Thanks Ro. Sounds busy. Do you remember if there is camping on site? Do the RV slots fill up in a hurry do you think?


Check with the track but I'm pretty sure you can show up the night before and camp anywhere in the pits.

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