Is the rear suspension adjustable ?

Hi to all, I'm just a newbie in the YZF's area and I need to know if the rear suspension on a 99 YZ400F is adjustable ! Also I need advice on what oil, coolant, and gasoline to use in this monster !

Thanks for all your answers in advance !


Humberto Benavides

Laredo, TX.

Welcome back to the wonderful world of motorized adrenaline.

Rear suspension adjustable, yes in many ways. You can adjust the ride hight with the shock spring and somewhat with the compression clicker but the compression clicker is a more complicated and advanced technique (an intermediate or better rider would feel the difference but you probably wouldn't). So, rear ride hight can be adjusted now you can work on the ride comfort with the compression and rebound clickers. The compression clicker(s) are the one just below the seat mounted in the aluminum bottle. Read your manual for stock settings and go backwards from there and try MANY different settings to see what you like. Same goes for the fork only the compression clickers are on the bottom of the fork under a little black rubber cover. Spend a day or two just testing your suspension settings, you'll be glad you did.

Oil, I use Yamalube-semi synthetic. I've never heard of an oil related failure associated with their oil (even with the two strokes) so I use it and have no complaints.

Coolant, any of the premixed coolants at the cycle shop should be fine.

Gas, super-unleaded is fine. You don't need race gas or octane booster or any other funky stuff to make it "better". As long as the station you buy your gas at gets daily deliveries you're fine with their pump gas.

Now get out there and take it easy till you get the suspension figured out and you regain your balance with the bike. The more you ride the quicker it comes back and the better shape you'll be in for riding. I know guys that are long distance runners, body builders, tri-athletes, and surfers that have recently got back into riding and they all got their butts kicked and they thought they were in shape.


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