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Yamaha pw80 runs wide open?

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Hello everyone, first post. Im more of a jet ski guy, i dont really know much about bikes but would like to learn. Anyways, my brother wants to sell his pw80. We were set on selling it but it only ran with the choke on. (this is a common problem it seems like) So i took apart the carb, did a clean, there was brown chunks in the carb never seen this before. Cleaned it out, cleaned the jets, float, seat, etc. I then resembled it back and it ran full throttle. No throttle movement just ran wide open. I took it apart again and the throttle hook up looked just as how i took it apart. Tried putting it back and before hooking everything up i tried the throttle and you could hear it moving in the carb. So one last time i threw it all together, fired it up and still ran open. I was thinking it could be the idle adjustment but if it was off from the idle wouldn't it not idle right from when it was choked? Just a little confused on all this. I think the bike is an 03 04?  Any pictures, help would be appreciative. Thank you!



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