2014 yz450f stock suspension

Im 170 no gear. The forks on my 11 feel undersprung, .47 stock? I think the 14 has .49nm which is close to .48kg/mm. The forks should be good around that weight. 235lb'er would definitely have to get stiffer springs for MX. I'm guessing the stiffer rear shock spring isnt going to work for me though.

Forks -4.9 n/mm = .499660944 kg/mm

Shock- 58 N/mm= 5.914354035 kg/mm

Forks -4.9 n/mm = .499660944 kg/mm

Shock- 58 N/mm= 5.914354035 kg/mm


If that's stock, then I don't know if it's really worth it to go one step heavier, especially if you ride mostly off-road.  You could realistically almost accomplish that in the forks by adding oil. 

Front spring rate ( '14 )

4.90 N/mm USA / Can

4.70 N/mm Eur / Jpn / Aus / Nzl / Zaf

2011 - 4.6 N/mm

Rear rate ( '14 )

58 N/mm

56 N/mm

2011 - 56 N/mm

Explains why I found the front firmer than my '11 - almost too firm (90kg rider ). Nice on jump landings but harsh over the chop / whoops , especially hard on the. Brakes .

On my 10( 6.3) rear (.50) front 375 cc oil /with enzo cans,230-245 with gear. Friends 14 (225 with gear) .52 front,6.3 rear per Will @ enzo.

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