120 tire effect Bike Geometry


So I have been running a 120 tire on my wr450 and what I have noticed is that it corners great but the back tire seems twitchy or spinning out a little to easy.

So I was reading about suspensions setup etc and was thinking. If the tire is taller should I be moving my forks down? Is this an adjustment that should be made when going to a bigger tire then stock?

I'm thinking if I raise the forks slightly I can get a little more bite and stability out of that back tire

And hopefully keep some of that turning.

I have set my a static and race sag and done a few things with compression and rebound on the rear.. It's better but still room for improvement and this might be an easy way.

Just because it's a 120 doesn't mean it's taller.

You have to check the tire co's website to confirm tire diameter.

And yes it will absolutely change your steering geometry. I used to run the Dunlops cause they were always taller, making my Honda turn better.

Heck, just going from 4 ply to 6 ply in the rear will make it turn better, but get less rear traction. A common desert riders problem.

Good info thanks.. I don't know what the stock brand is for this 2007 bike, but a 120 to a 110 seems to be around .60 taller in the brands I have compared them to.

The tire ratios and carcas numbers are not including the knobs.

So, if it's a Kenda Washougal, it's taller than a Dunlop MX71 of the same size, cause the Kenda has huge tall knobs.

The only way to know is the read or measure the actual.

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