I am in need of a new clutch. I have a 2005 CR250. Can anyone reccomend a good clutch plates kit? Whites a good place to buy them for a good price? I'm good on eBay too.It's a big douche fest!

Best online shopping place for motocross is and you can enter in your own specific machine by year make and model

And it will show all clutch kits that fit your bike. I always shop their and I race motocross :), are also good places to look.  It really depends on how much money you want to spend, there are lots of brands that will work fine depending on what you do with them.  I had a tusk kit in my cr144 for about 50 hours and they held up, I just replaced them with an OEM set. 

I usually get my parts from

I went with dpk



Anyone know the torque psi's for when I reassemble the clutch?

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