2008 CRF250R Valves

Hey guys, need some advice.  Its hard to start my bike, have to pull or run start it to get it running.  Took it to a mechanic (I just relocated and don't know how trustworthy the guy is but he seemed nice) who told me the valves are the issue and they cannot be adjusted any further.  I've rebuilt plenty of 2 stokes in my time but really have tackled a 4 stroke engine rebuild.  My question is, if its a valve job I think I have the tools and ability (from this site) to do it but how do I know if its the head and shims that are the issue.  Or, do I bite the bullet and try to find a Honda mechanic to do it, or if the head/valves and so forth have to be replaced should I just look for a good used engine on ebay?  thanks in advance for your comments.

Well from my experience a valve job can be intimidating. There are many topics on this on this site. Sure you could do it, but you need to have seats cut. I would replace with something stronger than OEM, like Kibblewhite SS. I have also heard great things on here about fasthead's and company's like that who do a complete rebuild for a great price. you know it needs done when the bike wont kick start. usually adjusting them doesn't last long. when they start to go they go fast. good luck.

I like your idea and I found this site crfsonly.com that sells the head with kibble white valves installed and gauged and ready to bolt on! Thanks for the advice as it probably saved me a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and cussin' too)!




cant go wrong with either choice,  jeff from big bore thumpers is on these forums alot and can hook u up.

Simplest/cheapest option is to buy a new head from one of the places above, and sell your old head on ebay.

Agree with Mudguy. We have heads ready to shim and bolt on for $575. And have valve kits with springs and titanium retainers if you decide to go the valve job way for $210. Be careful if you decide to tackle the valve job on your own. The tolerances are much tighter that like an old v8. And checking the guides is key on these heads.  Cutting the seat also means you need to tip the valves so that they will shim properly. Do not under any circumstances take it to an auto mechanic to do this work. Nothing against auto mechanics, But these are not cars. 

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