Hanover trails

Anyone help me out, supposed to be good riding in Hanover. Any help on a trail head location?


Have u found any info on this area yet, wondering myself?


I haven't heard anything, we have a cottage in kincardine so I want to find something that way. I know there is stuff up there but ever one keeps closed lipped about their areas.

Ok if you come up with anything decent im in Wingham Kincardine works to, as per Hanover I did hear that Kw cycle sport association has a large property there for members.

If ur from kincardine and you are willing to make the trip to Hanover. Just drive the extra 20 and go to the motopark. Trails and track there.

I've been to moto park but was unaware they had trails, what kind of length do they have does anyone know.


Yup they sure do. Offroad Ontario has 2 harescrambles there every year. And so does cmrc xc I believe. It's pretty rocky riding so if you go be ready for a workout.

I do not know how many km's of trails they have....

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