1985 xr600r rebuild

Have 85 xr600r I just bought needs to be rebuilt crank, piston, head, it has major blow by at crank case vent. Would like to know if I can use different yr cylinder and head, would like to go to single carb. The carbs I have know stick at a high Idle when the engine get warm up. have to rev engine to get the idle to come down. The old owner said that he just rebuilt the carbs, don't if they have a problem or not.  I just bought (6 months ago) 2012 xr650l Really love it, but don't like it in the dirt except on stuff like fireroads and hills. This is why I bought xr600r its much better in the dirt. On the xr650l I took off smog, put on fmf full pipe, rejetted carb, now it runs 10x better. So if I could get some info on xr600r really could use the help. Also what other yrs xr600r will fit in this frame. A buddys friend has a newly rebuilt 91 600 for good price. Its in another state so see if it will fit.

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I'm pretty sure I've heard you can swap to a single carb head but you will have issues with the carb clearing the mono shock. The shock was repositioned when they went to single carb.

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