Clutch disengaged?

When shifting on my bike (cr85), or any bike mainly, i know how to perfectly fine and all that, but do you have to pull back the clutch as far as itll go? Like, when you pull it in a little more then halfway or something, it feels like it completely disengaged from the engine, is it completely disengaged, or just feela like it is? I saw my friend reaching out with 2 fingers to pull the clutch in till it hit the other fingers on the grip, id that perfectly fine todo?


Depending on how your clutch cable is adjusted will determine how much you will have to pull the clutch lever to get the clutch to disengage enough to change gears. The correct adjustment is the one YOU feel comfortable with. You do not (and should not) have to pull the clutch lever all the way back to the handlebar grip each time. Just a small slip of the clutch is enough for a dirtbike to change gears.


The preferred method by most people is 1 or 2 fingers on the clutch lever, and the thumb, ring, and pinky finger hold onto the handlebar at all times. The clutch should engage/disengage just before the lever touches your ring and pinky finger. This gives you more control over the bike which makes you a safer and faster rider. Using all 4 fingers to pull the clutch lever to the handlebar grip does not allow you to hold onto the handlebar as well and gives you less control of the bike.


A dirtbike transmission can be shifted without using the clutch at all as long as there is no engine power being applied to the transmission. You can upshift or downshift right after you let off the throttle while the bike is free-rolling. The clutch is mainly used on starting from a stand still, shifting while keeping the throttle 100% open (power shifting), and keeping the revs up if the bike is trying to bog down on a hill or in a turn.

Thanks! And it does disengage just before it hits my fingers, just wasnt sure if it was actually vompletely disengaged. I jad been having trouble with using all my fingers, got really cramped up fingers if i have the clutch in a bit going through a curvey area, this sounds so much better! Thanks!

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