so i have a 07 yz250f and came off a 06 yz125 that i felt at home on, both bikes had there suspension set up for me, i am now a 145 pound rider, im a high c class lower b rider, ok cut the sh!t.  i think i going to ditch my 4 stroke and pick up a yz250 used... and do it up to my taste and copy this.... 




What inspired me is at the baja brawl i seen quite a few yz250s in the a and b class, like in the upper ranks and also walked by a trailer with two like new yz250s with not a 4t in sight...... its about fun not winning for me and im 17 so i have to do whats economical or what i think is economical for me and id love to get rid off my worries of me blowing up my thumper..... that alone is worth it to me.  Idc im going that route and wont buy a ktm just yet for some reasons...... plus i loved my yz125, why shouldent i love a yz250, if i get a sx 250 i might hate it, any who's, thats my rant now start posting yay's or nay's. btw im 17 and pay for all my own stuff with very very little support from my parents (sometimes they feel generous) so take that into consideration, and i finally paid off my truck, YAY

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Looks cool, good luck with the plans and execution! Sounds like peace of mind is your priority so just make sure you have the $$$ left to get that used bike in Newsed condition. :)

I realize this comment is of no help at all, but might it be more accurate to float like a four stroke, sting like a two stroke?

They are a whole different animal then a 125. Just keep that in mind, you can handle them but they are a handful at times. Personally I would make a 2012 cr 250 myself. Good luck and If you go through with it make a build thread. 

Get a KTM! Save the time of buying a yz and then selling it later cause you have realized that you screwed up buying a yz when you should have bought a KTM......

Then by having a KTM everyone will know you've wised up.

Oh god this KTM BS is like a rampid disease on TT!

Ktms are nice don't get me wrong but the price and suspension and me going through a lot to get a used one is what is stopping me plus I seen a 3rd pic of one snapped in half. I never seen a Japanese bike snapped on half at the head or triple clamp and the local shop is constantly selling theme used, well of course that's what they all ride and they get new ones every year but really. What's up with all the whore stories with theme. I do know one thing the suspension wont be as good as the the yamies kyb

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