fcr carb #29f4rk24

29f4rk24  trying to buy a fcr carb for my 06 drz400e.  found one and the carb is stamped 29f4rk24.  was woundering if this carb will work.  comes with new air boots throttle cables.  just not sure if its the right model please let me know guys  thanks!!!!!!!!

Probably only Keihin can identify the carb build number to the application.  Post a picture.  I take it your 2006 E model did no come with the 39mm FCR?

Who is selling the carb , Beware .. This is a suspect seller around

seller is local to me in dimon bar california. went and looked last night.  looks clean and the guy does have 2 drz400 sitting in his garage.  one is being parted and the other is his daily commuter.  i know this is a few different verzions of the carb.  he has a full rebuild kit ofr it as well.  i think its an older one as it dosnot have the removable cover around the cable.  iam kinda lost and looking for help i will try and get a picture asap.  thanks guys 

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