Hi TT members. just wanted to say thanks for this forum. this is my 1st post. ben a member for short while. I bought a 2001 yeller DRZ-S IN 2010 for my return to off road riding at 56yr young.it been many yrs since I have out there many reasons why. did a few upgrades and went out riding dirt nap and tore up shoulder rest yr off. jan 2012 sarted mod bike. had heart attack during recovery they found AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) had to wait a spell before surgery. my recovery time was spent recon and modding my dizzer from all the great info this forum. done 39fcr- bills pipe- e gaskets gearing- tires- suspension(race tech)- scotts damper as well as most fixes. have done over 1200 mile since may this yr 175 miles last sun here in ma. wish I could get rid of the loose stuff lack of tracking (a work in progress). So thanks everyone for a great site and great members for your part in my recovery. BOB. 

Sounds like you used your "recovery" time well... Good to hear you are back riding. Take care of yourself and enjoy the DRZ. ..

Yeh, props to you for your determination and desire to get out an explore. Don't know where I'd be without my bike..... :rolleyes:

Welcome to TT! Well done on the recovery & recent miles  :thumbsup: Sounds like your bike was more than ready to roll. Would love to see some pics of your finished machine sometime. Safe travels & hope you get to see many more miles ahead after all that. Cheers!  :ride:

thanks guys. will work on pics. i'am a little computer dumb? 

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