Is Amsoil premix for real?

I run motul 40: 1 in a 300xc,50sx and kx125- I have mechanics and fellow riders tell me to try Amsoil premix and run it at 100: 1.

Will the jetting need to change? Will I need ethanol free 93 octane or racefuel? And more importantly is there increased risk?

Or should I back the motul up to 50 or 60:1

I run strictly amsoil dominator at 32 to 1. My bike is running a bit rich but I'm not to worried. I also run pump 93. With my motor putting out 210 psi, I don't need to run anything higher octaine. She doesn't detonate so I'm not worried. I ran klotz, but had extreme carbon buildup. I ran yamalube, but my bike didn't run very well with it. Not sure why, but once I switch back to amsoil, no issues.

Just cant get away from Castor 927 at 32:1. Burns clean and pmy pistons look great.

i seized up a 250 on amsoil at 100:1, 50:1 would be a safer mix, i use gold specdrem at 50:1 have had no problems for over 30 years. :thumbsup:

Amsoil and run it at 32:1 but not 100:1 that's a big no.

I'm an Amsoil dealer and will tell you that running 100:1 is for professionally built engines that are blueprinted and will be rebuilt every race. Otherwise, you can safely run 50:1 or more (meaning lower ratio/more oil, 40:1, 32:1). I run Dominator at 40:1 and have for a few years now. I used to run 50:1 but with my son getting pretty damn fast on the 250, I chose to get a little more lubrication in there.


Heres a compression test of the 250 after clicking over 100 hrs on the topend. It's in the same range it was when I tested it after a short break in.



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Amsoil and run it at 32:1 but not 100:1 that's a big no.

Depends on your riding and the bike. I've run Amsoil @ 100:1 in my trials bike for years with no trouble whatsoever. In the KTM200 I run 32:1 because I usually ride it hard. The GasGas 300 50:1. The trials bike tends to load up with heavier oil concentrations, not an issue with bikes that aren't idling a lot, Amsoil or not. I persoanlly would never run that lean on oil in any bike other than trials bikes and not even in those if you're using it for trail riding.


The true check of what you need to run is measure the crankcase oil level. You should have at least enough to measurably cover the bottom of the crankcase. That being said, anybody ever heard of anybody killing their 2T from too much oil?

There are different AMSOIL mix ratios depending on what AMSOIL you are running. Saber, Interceptor, and Dominator are all formulated different. Saber is 100:1 because it is thicker. I ran it for 10 years in 5 different offroad applications with no problems, at 100:1. If a one is not on top of their jetting on a two stroke you can torch an engine. When premix is changed that is the most important time to monitor how your bike runs. Go for a quick run to make sure all is well and pull the spark plug. I have been running AMSOIL premix for 20 years and no engine problems due to premix. They make a great product. But, everybody likes some thing different which is why they sell more than one type of premix.

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