Adjusting throttle cables on 650 L

So like a knuckle head I stripped the screws holding the cables to the carb, so when I rejetted I had to remove the cables and now I notice a slack in the throttle return. I see the adjusting screws but do you adjust the back or front. The front has a nut below and above the adjusting plate the rear has one below. Neither seems to do a All advice is appreciated.  Doc

Any suggestions regarding removal of the stripped screws is equally appreciated....and then some!! Want to replace with Allen head screws like I did with my be honest one was stripped when I bought the bike, the other I proudly performed myself...

The return/push cable is not adjustable,,that`s why it only has one nut,,just to tighten it down.......the pull cable should be adjusted so there is a little play when turning the throttle,don`t worry about the return cable,,as long as it`s slack when throttle is applied it`s good,how much play you want in the pull cable is up to long as it opens the throttle fully at the carb..i don`t like my throttle cables too tight..i like a little play at the throttle tube..


Stripped screws are a can get ACR bits through Snap-On.......they have teeth on the side to bite into the screw,,or you can  get some carbide dust and coat the screw hole and while turning it`ll bite into the soft screw and screwdriver bit and lock them together enough to get the screw out..i`ve used steel in my brake lathe...the dust that falls into the trash container,,put some grease on the screwdriver bit and put the metal dust on the grease and it least i thought it did..


You know what the real issue is.,,,,the screws are not phillips screws or pozidrive screws.....they are JIS.........japanese industrial standard........a phillips screwdriver does not engage the screws properly and strips them.........that and the screws are made from 90% rubber :devil:






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If it is the Phillips slots that are stripped, get one of those impact driver tools from Sears and it should come right out.  In fact, I used one of those to get the float bowl off of my carburetor on Monday just to be sure I didn't strip the head any worse.  (I had lost the Phillips bits to my tool, but found those before finding the jet kit while digging through all of my boxes of stuff. :smirk: )


I still need to go visit the hardware store and get some replacement screws with Allen heads.

I will purchase one tomorrow Scott, great idea...

With the impact driver, I was holding the carburetor and driver in my left hand and a fairly big hammer in my right hand.  Not exactly a solid surface, but two or three whacks for each screw was all it took to break each one free so that they could easily be removed with a normal screwdriver.  It's a great tool to loosen Phillips screws that are a bit tight.

This Phillips was so far gone that I had to drill it out...then put 2 nice stainless Allen heads more probs.

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