Oil and Coolant in Powervalve

My 200 is still blowing white smoke after replacing the base gasket and crank seal. First time the crank seal fixed it and when I pulled the jug up to put the pv back where its supposed to, it started leaking again. I had reused the gasket so I replaced it with a new one dry and cleaned the surface well and still leaked. So pulled it apart to do the crank seal again and found stuff.


Both sides of the tranny and the pv have fine steel sludge in the bottom. All thats on the magnetic drain plug is the stuff making weird shapes.

The area where the pv linkage is, was filling up with the crap and.. had coolant floating on top. 

Does anybody know where coolant could be coming from and whats making the sludge? The base gasket is the thinnest one and I had cleaned similair sludge out the last time I had the cover off. There was alumnium last time also cause the new clutch basket was hitting on a part of the case behind it. 

I've changed the fluid almost every time I've ridden this season from working on it and it shifts even worse since I put atf in and the clutch still sucks.








water gets in thru head gasket, base gasket, wp o-ring or seal, or a crack in some part. Metal sludge is common if real fine like a magnet picks up by running it thru sand. Big pieces means trouble.

Isn't the pv completely sealed off from the transmission? So I shouldn't be getting that sludge in there? Also this bike hasn't been ran in any sand or even anything hardly dirty since the rebuild. Also there was not as much sludge ever as there has been after trying to ride it this season, which hasn't even been probobly 5 times out for a couple hours each.


I'm thinking the coolant in the pv might just be from pulling the cylinder the first time and spilling coolant into the pv hole that runs up the motor and it just sitting there. It was only 2 rides ago.

no, it is not sealed off. The lever from the bottom is in the side case and in the oil bath of the trans.

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