Just picked up my new 2012 kx450

Some questions that I have:


Anybody had good luck with Tusk Racing reusable stainless oil filter?

What kind of oil do you run in the filter?

I have read about lots of problems with the chain guide.  Anyone try the Polisport product that replaces the stock plastic that fits in the stock metal guide?


Aside from a few small items, I plan on riding the bike stock a little this fall and then plucking away at some upgrades over the winter.

dont use that junk oil filter, run maxima mx530,and get a T.M Design works chain guide and slider...works mint for me

I'm an oe oil filter believer. They all seem to get that part right.

My Toyota and Lexus get Toyota filters

My subaru gets subaru filters

My mustang gets a ford filter

My Kawi gets a Kawi filter

Amsoil with zinc in the mustang and the Kawi

Mobil1 in the Toyota and Subaru

Toyota (Mobil) 0-20 in the Lexus

I use either oem or K&N oil filters non-metal.

BelRay 10w40.

T.M.Designworks chain slider and chain guide.

ive always ran the nuertron filters from rockymountain they are 2.50 on closeout and have been that way forever. Just bought some tusk ones. Never had any issues with the 3$ filters 

Scotts Metal Oil filter, Rotella oil, change every 10 hours and clean filter, clean air filter every other ride. Over 400 hours on the bike, two top ends, and valves are still in factory spec.

K&N oil filter and Motul 7100. Just put on an Acerbis chain guide. (We'll see how it goes).

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