1973 Honda XL175 Ignition Coil Replacement Options

I recently acquired a 1973 Honda XL175 that didn't run. I've been working on it and found that it had a good motor. The ignition coil got fried in the process (should've known it was 6V and not 12V). Now I am searching for replacement options for the ignition coil as there seems to be nothing available on the internet or ebay. Is there a suitable aftermarket 6V that will do the trick? I have already tried a 50cc scooter coil which did not work.. here is a pic. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




A shop just gave me the exact same link.... funny. But I managed to find a stock replacement locally through some obscure back-alley service and repair garage. The guy was digging through a large bin full of coils and pull one right out and it worked.


Thanks for your help!

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