I ended up buying a 2002 CR250R

Decent price, needs some work, tires were shot (no big surprise there), fork seals were badly blown, missing bolts and collars for seat. Air cleaner is pretty much trash, will put in a Twin Air. Idles pretty high, need to figure out where the idle adjust is on the Mikuni TM on it. Small tear in the seat cover, just get a new one. Could be an awesome bike with a little work. Looks like it has a pretty new cylinder and head on it. Has a Pro Circuit Platinum pipe on it.

Got any pictures? I am looking at a 2002 right now, not sure if I want to invest in it though.

Got any pictures? I am looking at a 2002 right now, not sure if I want to invest in it though.


I am replacing the graphics, it has blown fork seals, so those will get fixed. I wonder if they ever cleaned the air cleaner, I am just going to throw the one on it away and get a Twin Air...




It seems like every bike I look at has a nasty air cleaner, I guess when it comes time to sell it they just don't want to invest the dollars to fix that. The other thing is worn sprockets...easy to change fairly inexpensive but never done. Check the silencer as well, bet it's in rough shape as well.


I think you are on to something with the new graphics...those are pretty loud. IMO.


But if seals and air filters are the main issues you have to deal with, you are doing ok.

You might look into the RC valve cables.  from the pic's they look pretty old.  If that RC valve isn't working right, that bike is going to run like crap.  Also if you do a rebuild, get the thin base gasket for it, or send your cylinder to Eric Gorr and have him shave the base and reshape your head for the kind of gas you want to run.  The case reed Honda's like a lower cylinder, it changes port timing.

Well just found a small oil leak on the right case on the bottom, looks like the gasket is not sealing.. I know this problem, I have it on my 79's clutch cover. It is a slow slow leak, but it is leaking. I ordered a set of VForce reeds today. This bike is going to cost some to get it back to a great bike once again. Just plug away at it like I did restoring my 79..



Wow!  cool bike. (the 79).

nice bike(s)


I had an 02, Handled pretty well. but the motors need some work.


05+ crank

05+ base gasket

send head to rbdesigns for 1mm squish and pump fuel

pwk 38mm carb (or lectron or apt smart carb)

or have rbdesigns work over the stock tmx

I run VP 110 in my dirt bikes, especially with the 79, I can't afford to have any methanol in the gas. Besides race gas does not go bad, pump gas sucks anymore. There is a station that pumps 110 octane gas, I just have not made it down there with an empty gas can.

why cant canada make high octane fuel for sale at pumps. fml

That 02 looks solid. Not a fan of the graphics either but that's easily fixed.

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