Betty Exposed!!!!!!!!

Betty has had a season where many hats have been worn.

Whether she is all dressed up to circle Lake Superior or dressed down

to rip up the woods up here in Northern Michigan, this is one bike

that just continues to impress. We circled Superior, (over 1400 mi.), in two

days. To prepare for the ride I stuck a windshield on her and 15/48 gearing, (and a sheepskin).

We got mileage in the high 40's low 50's and used a third of a quart of oil total, (she has close to 20,000 mi. now).The scenery in Canada is wonderful and the gravel roads are well groomed.

I wanted to share these photos with all of you and ask that if you have ride stories

and photos to share - please do.

No mega ride stories here, but I have a few pics:






:) :confused:Ooops, maybe that'll work better.





That is awesome I have tons of pictures but dont know how to post them either

I finally put the pics on an account then I linked them (right click your pic at imagestation and copy and paste the URL) to my TT post. :) Let's see 'em.

Ya'll have some killer places to ride. :)

That is awesome I have tons of pictures but dont know how to post them either


Do you have any pictures of Lorax's mom that you could post? :)


Sweet pics! :) I dig that seat cover.

Nothin quite like the feeling of sheepskin between your legs.......Uh....I don't think that came out right. :D

I never could get webshots (or hp photo) to work right when trying to post a pic on TT. :):D :D

My internet provider provides me with a little web space for photo's and such.

Pretty common thing I guess - ask for space to put your pictures and then copy to Thumper.

I feel like I've gotten to know so many of you, I'd like to see what your bikes look like.

Now, I've exposed my "Betty" in her touring outfit and her pursuit outfit,

I want to see how many other options are possible.

Don't be shy now --- :) -- Thats not my thumb

We'll just do this the easy way! Here are my WebShots

Dutch It doesnt work it says you are not the owner of this album

Oh, I guess you have to be a member. I had to sign up to see Burnriders album come to think of it. It doesn't cost anything and lots of people use WebShots without hassle. Of course they won't let me post to TT :)

Carlisle---That is a pretty good balancing act you got there.

Yea it was pretty funny I stopped there got off to put the stand down and it kind of just stayed. Thats in Utah in the Dabinke sand dunes

A few more pic's - Two summers ago on the way to Deals Gap - Supermoto time



My pal Adam Wagar dancing with Betty

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