2011 ktm and 2013 ktm 150

What is the difference between a 2011 ktm 150's engine compared to a 2013's 150 engine?

The 11 has about 2 more hp.

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Actually, the motors are pretty much identical. Why the older bikes have more power, has to do with the airbox design. The 2 strokes evidently don't like the airbox in its current configuration. I'm not sure if its airbox size, or its just the length of the tube leading to the carb. I would assume its both because on my PDS bike, there is no tunnel to the carb and the box is way bigger. But on the linked bike, there is a LONG tube which goes to the carb and the box is much shallower.

Of course, the linked bikes have one more BIG issue; the swing arm is heavier then it was during the PDS days, almost 5lb heavier. Thats a lot of weight to add to a 144cc 2 stroke.

Its a toss-up, because you can re-claim some of those ponies with a resonator and shorty silencer.

Sweet as thanks guys

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