Which intake boot for mikuni pumper carb

Hi there,


Just wondering since the xr250r 1990 intake boot is too small for the mikuni tm33 pumper, would a xr400r boot or xr600r boot fit properly?



The Mikuni pumper that I got for my XR400R from XR's Only had a sleeve epoxied to it that was machined to account for this discrepancy in size. This probably explains why you are having an issue getting it to fit properly. If you got your carb and it wasn't made to on fit the XR, you can get a sleeve machined to allow it to fit. The sleeve on mine is made from aluminum and appears to be very simple in design. A good machine shop should be able to accommodate you. Good luck to you.

Im thinking i'll use the xr600r boot and then get a spacer machined if needed. As then i have a larger airflow going into the carb unlike a small 250 boot 

I hope that doesn't become a mistake for you, ending up with difficult jetting problems.

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