04' YZ 450F Exhaust cam and throttle stop P/N's?

I just ordered the new 04'WR450F with the local Yamaha dealer. Would anyone give me the P/N's for 04' YZ 450F Exhaust cam and throttle stop that I can upgrade my WR when it comes?

I know the long way to get them, but might someone already got them out on the "to do list" Thanks

Check the YZ forum for the cam #. Any dealer can get you the throttle stop, or cut it yourself. YZ FORUM

The part # for the '03 cam is 5TA-12180-00-00. I don't think it has changed for '04 but the '04 parts fiche is not out yet to check.

Unless you're mechanically challenged, I'd just cut the WR throttle stop. They really do charge a lot for one bolt and it's quite easy. Just pull it out, open the throttle all the way and measure how long you need it to be to keep the throttle from opening up that last 1/32 inch or so. Maybe I'm just cheap :):D but it's so easy.

That's what I thought! Thanks for help! Has anyone got any file on the cam change procedure... I think I can figure it out, but sure there is someone who put the whole procedure in the file...

Been there, done that. The manual has a pretty good description of how to change the cam. Just remember to put a rag in the chain passage so that you don't drop any parts (i.e. - the cam bearing clips) down into the bottom of the engine. Also be sure to coat all of the bearing surfaces and cam lobes with moly assembly lube to protect them during the initial startup. The procedure is pretty similar to the cam rotation procedure on the 400/426's except you're replacing the cam instead of rotating it. Here's a link to a good site that has info on the cam rotation. It's a 250f site but the 4xx's use the same procedure.


Remember since you are installing a YZ cam the timing marks should be oriented the same as shown in the manual - not rotated 1 tooth like in the 400/426's. Oh and I cut my stop down as mentioned in the earlier post. Good luck.

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