new bike need some tips

hey guys I just bought myself a brand new 2006 kx450f if anybody has any tips and info on constant problems they may have let me know so I can watch out thanks.

I have a 06 kx450 have had it since new it has been a great bike almost no problems just keep the oils changed and it should be a great bike. Just make sure to check the oil screen has been cleaned recently and keep up on it.

Someone put a picture thread on how to do it super easy.

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alright sweet . thanks

and what is the oil screen do you mean like the window to see the oil ? and it probably hasn't been changed its brand new

It is under the stator cover you have to drain your oil to get to it all the oil passes through channels into it then back through your engine when the bike is put together silicone and junk fall into the engine and it gets caught in this screen along with any other junk that gets in your engine just type it in Google and there should be a link to thumpertalk that is how I found it

So is you bike like brand new or is it used because if you found a brand new 06 I would be jealous.

alright thanks. yes i found it with less then an hour on it.

I also forgot supposedly the wrist pin is weak on the piston on this bike I never had an issue I rode my bike for prob 150 hours or more before I rebuilt my top end and had no issues with it

Of our has been standing for so long being an 06 I would strip the steering head and re grease it as well as the suspension linkages. Also change the fork oil.

Very good bikes but as mentioned some had a problem with the piston pin and they replaced that with aftermarket or 08 piston and pin.

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