kx65 sprockets

My son just moved up in motocross to the 65 class and he's on a 2009 kx65. The previous owner changed the gearing to 13\48 and it is a lot of power for my son and he blips the throttle constantly. Does anyone know of a good sprocket combination that would mellow out the power band a bit? I was thinking of going to 14\46.



13/48 is optimum for performance IMO.  I would try 14/48 instead of buying two sprockets, a standard 110 link chain should fit.  I had to cut two (one inner, one outer) out of a 110 to fit our 13/48.  Or try a fender washer in the exhaust to mellow out the power.  FYI, A TTR-90 sprocket is 14 tooth and will fit.

were running 13/48, but we run harescrambles. Tight woods, single track , slower speeds...works out great for us.

Thanks guys.

14/48 spreads the power out better.  When we had KX 65 we had the FMF fatty exhaust.  This gave a better all around powerband.  Since the powerband came on sooner it was easier to ride in it all the time.  14/46 will be geared to high, and motor will strugle with it.  Your kid will need to become really good at clutching to come out of the corners.  We ran 14/47 but had a full Mod motor.

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going less teeth in front and more in back will make it slower but hit harder... thus I don't think your going to help the blipping with sprockets...

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