slosh collar

Is this thing essential? When I rejetted I noticed it looked pretty haggard, cracked on one side. Bike has 10 k on it...should I get a new one or trash it?

You're talking about that little white plastic thing inside the carburetor?


You might be able to get by without it if you never go off road.  You definitely want it in there when bouncing along in the dirt.  I wouldn't think that a crack would be nearly as bad as leaving it out, though.

What is its function Scott? Does it maintain a certain level of fuel around the main jet? Mine looks like a rat ate it, but I reinstalled it, will order a new one from Honda. One of the younger lads that rides with us hasn't has it in for a year, without issue. It is why I was curious.

That piece helps the fuel to behave better near the opening of the jet.


It would be hard to judge the difference of it being in or out just by riding the bike.  The function is subtle.

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