steering stem bearings

Im looking for information from an older post on how to fix the issue with the faulty YZ 250 dust cap for the top steering stem bearing.  If im not mistaken they said take the dust cap from a YZF 450, but what year.  Also has anyone came up with an easier way to get the bearing race out of the frame.  This is on a 2011 YZ 250 2-stroke.

Even with the faulty seal I had no problem so far on my '09 YZ250 due to the excess filling with thick grease and never ever blasting that place with a power washer.

I re-grease the both sides once per year.

That's what I do too.  I service everything once a year and use good grease and pack it in there.  I only use a normal water hose to wash it, but can't get the top bearing to last.  The bottom bearing is fine, but the top bearing only last about a year.

Captdan,  thanks for the info.  I just ordered a new bearing, race, the dust seal from the 250f, and a race remover.

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